m a d e o n – “the city” (ft zak waters)

by joiedegrace


I’ve  been following Madeon’s career for a while now and most times waffle between complete despair that an 18-year-old has more talent in ANYTHING in his pinky fingernail than I do in my entire body, and the similarly overwhelming desire to break me off a piece of summa dat (barely legal) azzz. (Level of attractives multiplies infinitely when someone puts you behind a DJ booth with a screaming crowd in front of you.)

Regardless, his new single “The City” (vocals by Zak Waters) is pure HOGWARTS-LEVEL MAGIC.  When I first heard it I found myself wishing that it had been released a bit earlier, while the days were still long and golden, but, after some repeat button abuse, I realized it captures a certain quality that makes it perfect for the tail-end of the summer. It bursts with happiness and possibility, but like Bag Raiders’ “Shooting Stars,”  it also creates an ache-y sort of nostalgia, of things fleeting and the more precious for that. I’m looking forward to fall and the holidays but I’ll be sad to bid adieu to my favorite season and the amazing memories it always brings!

I can feel the heart beat underneath the concrete, 

Just like a kick drum plays. 

Running in a straight line,

Guided by the street lights,

Wishing the dark away.

Download from iTunes here.

Worldwide pre-order and Beatport extended mix release available October 8.

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